Variant 1

DAY 1 - Sofia - Koprivshtitsa - Etropole

  • Departure to Koprivshtitza licensed transport;
    Koprivshtitsa is a museum town situated in a picturesque valley along the river Topolnitsa in the heart of Sredna gora. There will be absorbed in the authentic atmosphere with a walk in time;
  • Tour of Koprivshtitsa;
  • Lunch in an authentic tavern - restaurant "Grandpa Liben" in Koprivshtitsa;
  • Departure to Etropole.
    Etropole has over 2500 years of history. Emerged in VII-VI centuries BC. His first settlers were the Thracians tribe Tribals;
  • Arriving at dusk and hotel accommodation "Horseshoe";
  • Dinner and night.

DAY 2. Etropole - Holiday Village "Orlova skala"

  • Breakfast;
  • Departure by diligence;
  • Visit the Etropole Monastery "Sveta Troitsa"
  • Walk to waterfalls "Varovitets";
  • Lunch - a picnic near the waterfalls;
  • After lunch departure to "Orlova rock" - a holiday village on the River Old River, under natural landmark "Orlov Kamak-Red Wall", with outdoor pool;
  • Dinner and night.

DAY 3. Holiday Village Orlova skala - Ribaritsa

  • Breakfast;
  • Leaving after breakfast with a diligence to Ribaritsa.
    Ribaritsa is located in the mountain area, in the foothills of Stara Planina in Teteven. Ribaritza was proclaimed a village four decades after the Liberation. Even then, Lovech, Troyan and Teteven leaders have admired the beauty of this part of Stara Planina, delicious trout are captured are some deer and wild boar for home trophy;
  • Lunch - picnic on the road in the forest with barbecue;
  • Accommodation in hotel "Mountain" - a complex built entirely of natural materials - wood, stone, 100% wool carpeting, a spa area and pool.
  • Dinner and night.

DAY 4. Ribaritsa

  • Breakfast;
  • Free time Pool and walk in the area;
  • Lunch in an authentic tavern in "Stara Ribaritsa";
  • After lunch visit Cave "Saeva hole";
  • Dinner and night.

DAY 5. Ribaritsa - Shipkovo

  • Breakfast;
  • Departure after breakfast with a diligence to Shipkovo.
    Village Shipkovo is located in the Balkan Mountains, 20 km west of Troyan, and is known as a place for medical treatment since ancient times with warm mineral springs (32 ° C / 10 liters per second) in the eponymous resort, about 2 km from the village . The mineral composition of the water treated liver, kidney and stomach disorders;
  • Lunch - picnic on the road in the forest with barbecue;
  • Accommodation in Spa hotel "Shipkovo";
  • Dinner and night.

DAY 6. Shipkovo - Oreshak

  • Breakfast;
  • Leaving after breakfast with a diligence to Oreshak;
  • Lunch in Oreshak;
  • Visiting the Troyan Monastery.
    Troyan Monastery is undoubtedly the greatest historical and cultural landmark of Oreshak and the region. It situated on the banks of Cherni Osam River. It is one of the largest and most famous Bulgarian monasteries. Founded at the end of the XVI century. It is remarkable for its architecture, carvings and amazing murals in the monastery church - the work of Zachary Zograf, one of the greatest Renaissance artists. Moreover, the monastery was famous literary center and a true revolutionary center in the middle of the XIX century. Here it was founded a revolutionary committee of Levski, which involved all the monks. For those times testify Museum of the Apostle to the monastery. The monastery is famous for its miraculous icon of Saint Mary, Mother of Jesus;
  • Hotel accommodation "Casa Art" - Hotel "Casa Art" is an unusual hotel - a rich symbiosis of bold color and natural architecture and interior design showroom for artistic furniture namesake brand Casa Art gallery of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, unique restaurant with unique, modern kitchen and workshops in ceramics and glass;
  • Dinner and night.


  • Breakfast;
  • Visiting Glojen Monastery with licensed transport;
  • Lunch and departure for Sofia.